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Lunch + Dinner Menu



Burger Special ​22
See blackboards for details. Served with chips & slaw.




Uncle Sam ​19
Beef patty, bacon, fried onion, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, pickles, mustard mayo. Served with chips & slaw.

El Pedro ​22
Beef patty, chorizo, honey glazed goats cheese, bacon, honey mayo, iceberg lettuce, & tomato sauce. Served with chips & slaw.

Atomic Boss ​21
Beef patty, chorizo, fried onion, swiss cheese, roasted peppers, jalapeños, tomato relish, roquette, & bbq sauce. Served with chips & slaw.




Turbo Bird ​19
fried chicken, bacon, fried onion, iceberg lettuce, jalapeños, aioli, & tomato relish. Served with chips & slaw.

Hang Ten Hen ​20
grilled chicken, chorizo, smashed avocado, spanish red onion, grilled pineapple, roquette, & honey mayo. Served with chips & slaw.



Miss Piggy ​20
Bbq pulled pork, sweet slaw, swiss cheese, home made apple sauce, & sliced pickles. Served with chips & slaw.




Cyprus Melt ​20
Grilled halloumi, hashbrown, roasted peppers, spanish red onion, fresh tomato, roquette, honey mayo, & tomato relish. Served with chips & slaw.
Add fried chicken +$5

Winter Veggie Stack (vegan o/r) ​22
Grilled field mushroom, smashed avo, hashbrown, tomato relish, roasted peppers, fresh tomato, spanish onion, roquette & balsamic glaze. Served with chips & slaw.




Winter Salad (ve o/r) ​18
Roquette, baby spinach, pesto grilled mushroom, fresh spanish onion, feta, walnuts, with a lemon mustard dressing, & balsamic glaze.

Southwest Salad ​16
Slices of fried chicken, on a bed of shaved cabbage, carrot, spanish red onion, feta cheese, corn & diced tomato, & mango mayo.




Cow-Abunga ​12.5
Beef patty, cheese, & tomato sauce. Served with chips.

Chicken Little ​12.5
Grilled chicken, cheese, & tomato sauce. Served with chips.


House fire sauce FREE
Double your meat / add fried chicken
Add grilled halloumi 5
Chorizo / avocado 4
Hashbrown / rasher of bacon 3
Whole pickle / field mushroom / pineapple 3
Cheddar / swiss / feta cheese 2
Fried onion / sliced pickles / jalapenos 2