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Beef & Barley Banquets

Minimum 2 people, Available all day
Bookings Preferred

Burger High Tea


$40 per person

+$20 per person for bottomless drinks for 1.5hrs

Not available for takeaway



Schooner of tap beer, OR a glass of bubbly, OR a non-alcoholic drink

Popcorn Chicken, with sriracha mayo Beer battered chips, with aioli Halloumi bites “Miss Piggy” pulled pork burger sliders “Uncle Sam” beef, bacon, and cheese burger sliders Assorted pickles Assortment of bite-sized sweets

We are happy to provide take away boxes if you can’t finish! We are happy to accommodate dietary requirements.

Beast Feast


$120 per serving (serves up to 6 people)

+$20 per person for bottomless drinks for 1.5hrs

Available for takeaway



2x Jugs of tap beer OR 1x bottle of wine or bubbly OR 2x jugs of soft drink

Loaded fries with pulled pork, swiss cheese, and chives
Popcorn Chicken, with sriracha mayo
Halloumi bites, with aioli
4x “Uncle Sam” beef, bacon, and cheese burger sliders
4x “Turbo Bird” fried chicken and bacon burger sliders
4x “Miss Piggy” pulled pork burger sliders


Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements!

Sharing Plates

Popcorn chicken with sriracha mayo 14
Crumbed calamari with aioli 14
Grilled chorizo with honey mayo 14
Halloumi bites with sriracha mayo 14

Beer battered chips with aioli 8
Deep fried jalapeno poppers with sriracha mayo 12
Fairy bread 7
Loaded Fries: pulled pork, Swiss cheese & chives 12.5

Lunch + Dinner Menu


Burger Special ​22
See blackboards for details. Served with chips & slaw.



Uncle Sam ​19
Beef patty, bacon, fried onion, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, pickles, mustard mayo. Served with chips & slaw.

El Pedro ​22
Beef patty, chorizo, honey glazed goats cheese, bacon, honey mayo, iceberg lettuce, & tomato sauce. Served with chips & slaw.

Atomic Boss ​21
Beef patty, chorizo, fried onion, swiss cheese, roasted peppers, jalapeños, tomato relish, roquette, & bbq sauce. Served with chips & slaw.



Turbo Bird ​19
fried chicken, bacon, fried onion, iceberg lettuce, jalapeños, aioli, & tomato relish. Served with chips & slaw.

Hang Ten Hen ​20
grilled chicken, chorizo, smashed avocado, spanish red onion, grilled pineapple, roquette, & honey mayo. Served with chips & slaw.


Miss Piggy ​20
Bbq pulled pork, sweet slaw, swiss cheese, home made apple sauce, & sliced pickles. Served with chips & slaw.



The Kraken ​18
Deep fried salt & pepper squid, honey mayo, roasted peppers, roquette & fried onion


Cyprus Melt ​20
Grilled halloumi, hashbrown, roasted peppers, spanish red onion, fresh tomato, roquette, honey mayo, & tomato relish. Served with chips & slaw.
Add fried chicken +$5

Winter Veggie Stack (vegan o/r) ​22
Grilled field mushroom, smashed avo, hashbrown, tomato relish, roasted peppers, fresh tomato, spanish onion, roquette & balsamic glaze. Served with chips & slaw.



Winter Salad (ve o/r) ​18
Roquette, baby spinach, pesto grilled mushroom, fresh spanish onion, feta, walnuts, with a lemon mustard dressing, & balsamic glaze.

Southwest Salad ​16
Slices of fried chicken, on a bed of shaved cabbage, carrot, spanish red onion, feta cheese, corn & diced tomato, & mango mayo.


Cow-Abunga ​12.5
Beef patty, cheese, & tomato sauce. Served with chips.

Chicken Little ​12.5
Grilled chicken, cheese, & tomato sauce. Served with chips.


House fire sauce FREE
Double your meat / add fried chicken 5
Add grilled halloumi 5
Chorizo / avocado 4
Hashbrown / rasher of bacon 3
Whole pickle / field mushroom / pineapple 3
Cheddar / swiss / feta cheese 2
Fried onion / sliced pickles / jalapenos 2


Brownie Mess 10 – Warm crumbled brownie, drizzled with berry compote & served with vanilla ice cream
Sundae 8 – Vanilla ice cream with your choice of topping, sprinkled with crushed nuts & sprinkles (vanilla / caramel / chocolate / strawberry / Nutella  / banana)
Ice cream burger 12 – Toasted milk bun with vanilla ice cream drizzled with Nutella sauce
Nutella burger 10 – Milk bun with Nutella sauce, strawberry jam filling, marshmallows & whipped cream
Fairy bread 7 – Buttered milkbun with sprinkles, served with a Nutella dipping sauce
Macaron 3 – Choose from: Chocolate orange, earl grey tea, caramel, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, lemon
Russian milkshake 16 – Shot of vodka with your chosen milkshake flavour, blended with ice cream