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       Banquet Menu


Minimum 2 People – Bookings preferred

Our beef and chicken is certified Halal


Burger High Tea


$45 per person
+$25 per person drinks for 1.5hrs

+$35 per person premium wines for 1.5hrs

Not available for takeaway


Schooner of tap beer, OR a glass of bubbly, OR a non-alcoholic drink
Chicken bites + sriracha mayo
Beer battered chips + aioli
Halloumi bites
“Miss Piggy” pulled pork sliders
“Uncle Sam” beef sliders
Assorted sweet treats



Brunch High Tea


$45 per person
Not available for takeaway

Pot of coffee or tea OR a glass of bubbly

Rashers of bacon
Hash browns and tomatoes
Bacon and egg sliders
Sausage and cheese sliders
Waffles with berries and cream


Vegetarian Burger High Tea

$45 per person
+$25 per person drinks for 1.5hrs

+$35 per person premium wines for 1.5hrs
Not available for takeaway


Schooner of tap beer, or a glass of bubbly, or a non-alcoholic drink

Arancini balls
Sweet potato fries
Halloumi bites
Cyprus sliders
Vegie stack sliders
Assorted sweet treats



Breakfast Menu


 Waffles 17

Warm waffles served with berry compote and cream

Bacon & egg roll 12

Sonoma bun with bacon, fried egg, BBQ sauce

The Big Breakfast 22

Rashers of bacon, hash brown, fried eggs and grilled tomato

Eggs on toast 12

Poached eggs with sourdough toast 8

+ Chorizo/Smashed Avo/Mushroom 5 each

+ Hash brown/Bacon/Fried or Scrambled Egg/Tomato 4 each

Vegan Granola 16

Vegan and gluten free granola with coconut yoghurt and seasonal fruit

 Banana Bread 8

 Warm banana bread served with butter

French Press Coffee 5

Black or served with your choice of milk

Tea Pot 5

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green or Lemongrass & Ginger teas, served with your choice of milk

Orange /Apple Juice 5

Mimosa/Mango Bellini 15

Espresso coffee available from 3.50

 Kids breakfast options available



All Day Menu

Sharing Plates


House chicken bites + sriracha mayo   19
Salt & pepper squid + dipping sauce  22
Grilled Chorizo + honey mayo  19
Halloumi Bites + sriracha mayo  19

Onion Rings + honey mayo   19

Onion Bhaji + tamarind sauce 14

Beer battered chips + aioli   10

Arancini balls   14

Sweet potato fries + aioli   12




Bigger plates


Loaded Fries 20
Loaded Fries topped w/ BBQ pulled pork, swiss cheese & chives


Chicken & Chorizo Snack Pack 22
Grilled Chicken, chorizo, honey mayo, BBQ sauce, feta & shredded cheddar + house
seasoned fries
Add smashed avo +$4


Beef & Bacon Snack Pack 22
Grilled Beef, bacon, jalapeños, aioli, BBQ sauce, our special fire sauce, shredded
swiss cheese, house seasoned fries


Fish & Chips 25
Beer battered flathead and chips + aioli






Mediterranean Salad 22
Fresh mixed salad leaves, feta, roasted peppers, grilled eggplant, baby cukes +
Add grilled chicken + $6 or field mushroom $5


Burger salad 23
Burger without the carbs! Beef patty on a bed of fresh leaves, avocado, cucumber +

 Caesar Salad 22
Cos lettuce, bacon, poached egg, croutons, parmesan + house dressing
Add grilled chicken 



Uncle Sam 25
155g Beef patty, bacon, fried onion,
cheddar, BBQ sauce, pickles & mustard mayo

Supersize with a hash brown & onion rings


Royale with Cheese 26
155g Beef patty, cheddar, American
cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion,
pickles, mustard mayo & tomato sauce


El Pedro 27
155g Beef patty, chorizo, feta, bacon,
honey mayo, lettuce & tomato sauce


Atomic Boss 26
155g Beef patty, chorizo, fried onion,
swiss cheese, roasted peppers, jalapeños,
tomato relish, rocket & BBQ sauce



Miss Piggy 25
BBQ pulled pork, sweet slaw, swiss
cheese, applesauce & sliced pickles


Turbo Bird 25
Fried chicken breast, bacon, fried onion,
lettuce, pickles, aioli & tomato relish


Ragin’ Cajun 25
Fried chicken breast, chorizo, sweet slaw,
fresh tomato, sriracha mayo & house fire


Hang Ten Hen 26
Grilled chicken breast, chorizo, smashed
avocado, red onion, pineapple, rocket &
honey mayo



Cyprus Melt 25
Grilled halloumi, roasted peppers, hash
brown, red onion, fresh tomato, rocket,
honey mayo & tomato relish
Add grilled chicken $6


Summer Veggie Stack (ve) 25
Field mushroom, hash brown, tomato
relish, fresh tomato, roasted peppers, red
onion, rocket & smashed avo, served with
sweet potato fries




Extra hungry? + add a baby (slider) to your burger 7

Beef Patty/Fried Chicken/Grilled Chicken/Grilled Halloumi 6
Chorizo/Smashed Avo/Mushroom 5
Hash brown/Bacon/Fried Egg/Whole Pickle 4
Cheddar/Swiss/Feta Cheese 4
Fried Onion/Sliced Pickles 4
Jalapeños/Pineapple 4
House Fire Sauce/Aioli/Honey Mayo/Mustard Mayo/Sriracha Mayo 2



Kids Meals


Cow-Abunga 15
Slider with a 50g Beef patty, cheddar cheese & tomato sauce, served with chips


Chicken Little 15
Slider with a 50g Grilled Chicken, cheddar cheese & tomato sauce, served with chips


Chicken & chips 15
House-made chicken bites, served with chips

Fish & chips 15
Beer battered flathead, served with chips


All kids meals come with a juice box




Desert Menu


Brownie 15
Warm brownie & served with vanilla
ice cream

Affogato 7
Espresso coffee served with vanilla ice-cream, add shot of Kahlua for extra decadence $9

Waffles 17
Waffles with ice cream

Russian Milkshake 18
Shot of vodka with your chosen milkshake
flavour, blended with milk & ice cream




Mimosa 15
bubbly with orange juice

Aperol Spritz 15
bubbly with aperol, orange

Cosmopolitan 16
cointreau, vodka, cranberry, lime

Red Sangria Glass 16 Jug 30
spiced red wine, orange juice, lemonade, citrus

White Sangria Glass 16 Jug 30
white wine, apple juice, lemonade, fruit

Manhattan 18
bourbon whisky, vermouth, bitters

Hard Pour Corn 18
vodka, butterscotch schnapps, caramel, popcorn

Elderflower Sour 16
white rum, elderflower, egg white, lemon

Summer Blush Glass 16 Jug 35
gin, sparkling pink grapefruit juice, lime

Mojito 16
white rum, lime, mint, syrup

Kamikaze 16
vodka, cointreau, lime

White Russian 18
vodka, kahlua, milk

The Big G 16
ginger beer, malibu, bitters, lime

Negroni 18
gin, campari, sweet vermouth, orange

Long Island Iced Tea 20
cointreau, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, lemon, coke

Liquid Lamington 20
baileys, malibu, chambord, chocolate, milk





What’s on Tap
Schooner: $9 Pint: $12
Selection of Capital’s finest brews




What’s in the Fridge $9
Somersby Cider
Brookvale Union Ginger Beer
Wild Polly IPA
Furphy Ale


Range of no alcohol beer and cider options




House Wines Glass $12 / Bottle $45





What’s on the shelf
Standard: $9 Premium $12


Sparkling Cordial $5
Peach Iced Tea, Raspberry, Elderflower, Lime, Pink
Grapefruit, or Ginger Beer

Soft Drinks Can $5
Sprite, Solo, Coke, Coke Zero or Diet Coke

Milkshakes $9
Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Vanilla, Banana

Sparkling water $8
Carafe of Purezza sparkling water



Wines are sold by the glass and the bottle

Twelve Signs Riesling 2020
Hilltops region, NSW

Twelve Signs Sparkling Brut 2018
Hilltops region, NSW

Twelve Signs Shiraz 2019
Hilltops region, NSW

Twelve Signs Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
Hilltops region, NSW

Moppity Syrah Nouveau 2018
Hilltops region, NSW

Moppity Estate Chardonnay 2018
Hilltops region, NSW

Four Winds Sparkling Riesling 2019
Murrumbateman, NSW

Four Winds Riesling 2019
Murrumbateman, NSW

Four Winds Rose 2020
Murrumbateman, NSW

Lock & Key Sparkling Chardonnay 2016 (200ml)
Hilltops Region, NSW

Varichon et Clerc Blanc de Blancs NV (200ml)
Bourgogne, France

Contentious Character Shiraz 2016